Hidden along the Southern boundary of the Okavango Delta, Omogolo’s 1600 hectares offer pristine bush and many species of birds and wildlife. It is our mission to create an increase of habitat for Botswana’s wildlife, and we do this by providing constant water at the natural pans that are in front of each lodge.

Our lodges are wide-spread, very private and comfortable self-catering holiday homes, with all-day staff on call. Here you can enjoy Botswana’s nature at its best, overlooking your ‚own‘ waterhole, in all tranquillity, undisturbed by other guests.

As owners, we are passionate about this wilderness area and have decided to become part in preserving it. We love sharing this with you and hope you will enjoy the beauty of this land as much as we do!

Choose Your Hideaway

Your Hideaway will be for your own exclusive use!

Mangwane Hideaway

Mangwane - our biggest and most spacious Hideaway. Enjoy being surrounded by wildlife in this comfortable and very private two unit self-catering home with your own pool.

Motswiri Hideaway

Motswiri is the Setswana term for Leadwood tree, giving the name for our two bedroom house. One of these old giants provides the shade on the veranda, as well as housing for Buffalo weavers, Red…

Valley Hideaway

Valley Hideaway is positioned along an old fossil river, creating a line of smaller water holes. Hence the name. One of these waterholes is positioned in front of the deck of this one bedroom house…

Why the name "Omogolo"?

Here is the story...

When the founders of Omogolo Hideaways (then Omogolo Bush Lodges), Bruce and Yvonne, started to build a home in the bush for themselves, they were surrounded by rather unrelaxed elephant bulls that came out here to find alternative water sources to the close by Okavango Delta not expecting human beings. Realizing that those humans did not come to harm them, those elephants started visiting the two without strain and anxiety. One old, giant bull in particular. Bruce and Yvonne decided to dedicate the piece of land to this old bull and named him and the land by the name of the Setswana term for paying respect to an elderly man: Omogolo

You see him (on the right) shown on this photograph accompanied by his young friend.

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